Picturing History: Goldie to Cotton


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Stories of origin and arrival, significant events, and the transformation of the land of New Zealand are just some of the themes explored in this collection exhibition. Drawing from across the historic, modern and contemporary New Zealand collections this exhibition considers how artists have responded to and interpreted our history through their work.

While in no way a 'History of New Zealand', it offers idiosyncratic glimpses into moments from our history, both real and imagined. Reflecting artists' interests, the Gallery's collection and the different ways artists have responded to the past. Capturing key moments from our recent past, as well as stories of the exploration and encounters of Maori and Pakeha, the contentious history of our land and its development, along with those people made famous by such historic events.

A special focus within the exhibition is the eruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886, and the impact the devastation it wrought had on the country.

The exhibition features works by Charles Goldie, Gottfried Lindauer, Colin McCahon and Shane Cotton, some of New Zealand's most celebrated artists of the past and present, amongst others.

Curated by
Jane Davidson-Ladd
New Gallery
Free entry

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