About our donor groups

Auckland Art Gallery is a cultural leader in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our purpose is to be a place for art and a catalyst for ideas, and to change how people see, feel and experience the world through art. The Gallery offers exhibitions and experiences that strengthen and enrich our communities, and we value collaboration and dialogue.

Many of the Gallery’s important projects are made possible by the generous donations of our benefactors. The support of these individuals is invaluable to the work we do and we appreciate the unique contribution that everyone makes to our shared success.

Our donors support the Gallery in different ways, and each group has its own area of focus, level of financial commitment and benefits. We invite you to find out more about these groups and discover which best aligns with your interests and where your support could be most beneficial.

To find out more about our donor groups, follow links below.

“We do it because we know it makes a difference.” Long-standing patron, Dame Jenny Gibbs.

We invite you to hear from our Dame Jenny Gibbs about the role our donors and supporters play. Watch below.