Philip Dadson, Short and Medium Radio Wave Piece, 1974 restaged by contemporary sound artists


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Join us on the final weekend of Groundswell: Avant-Garde Auckland 1971-79 for a series of performances, talks and discussion.

Three of the earliest works of New Zealand performance art will be restaged in the exhibition and surrounding spaces. These historic works by Phil Dadson, Jim Allen and Kieran Lyons were first performed in 1974 for the exhibition Four Men in a Boat at Auckland Art Gallery and, as such, were some of the first public encounters with this new art form.

Philip Dadson’s 1974 Short and Medium Radio Wave Piece saw four participants intercepting short and medium radio waves over an extended duration, working with the sound as material. A reworked version of this piece is to be re-performed in the context of Groundswell: Avant-Garde Auckland 1971-79, in an exploration of re-staging as a form of historical research, and the role of such enactment in collective remembering.

North atrium