Nick Spill on Groundswell: Avant-Garde Auckland 1971–79


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Nick Spill is a former curator and conceptual artist whose work features in Groundswell: Avant Garde Auckland 1971–79.  Rather than studying at Elam School of Fine Arts, he was one of the first students of Art History at the University of Auckland studying ‘art and ideas’ under the guidance of Anthony Green and Wystan Curnow.  Now resident in Miami, don’t miss this one-off opportunity to catch an illustrated talk by Nick on his time in the Auckland 1970s avant-garde art scene.

More about Nick
Nick Spill was born in 1950 and attended the University of Auckland. He was exhibitions curator at the National Art Gallery, worked as an independent government contractor and a conceptual artist. He arrived in the US in 1980 where he formed his own Private Investigation Agency in Miami and was later recruited to become Chief Investigator for a State Agency. He has written The Way of the Bodyguard about his years as a bodyguard and investigator, co-wrote and edited his father's Burma war memoir, Reluctant Q, and published The Jaded Kiwi, a dark crime novel set in 1976 New Zealand. He is currently working on part two of the Jaded Trilogy.

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Nick Spill, 1970s, by Simon Buis.

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