Angelica Mesiti

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue by Angelica Mesiti

Artwork Detail

Commissioned by The European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, Angelica Mesiti’s Mother Tongue is a cinematically beautiful 2-screen film and sound celebration of cultural music. As part of the intricate interweaving of new and ancient cultures coming together music, dance and rituals are shown to be entwined and enshrined examples of a cultural belonging and keeping that commence from the cradle and continue to the grave.

Mother Tongue creates a new musical and singing ensemble and community. One comprised of ancient and newer rhythms, traditional and different songs, demonstrating personal feats of balance, poise, individualism and collectivism. In various scenarios we encounter juxtapositions of musicality, movement and scenarios of place. Cultures meeting, blending, but with the frisson of slight disconnectedness.

Mother Tongue
Angelica Mesiti
Production date
dual-channel High Definition video installation, colour, surround sound, two screen
17min 54sec
Credit line
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, gift of the Friends of the Auckland Art Gallery, 2020
Accession no
Copying restrictions apply
International Art
Display status
Not on display

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