Reuben Paterson

He Hue/Gourds: Kua tu te puehu

Artwork Detail

Ko ngā hoahoa huaota he kaupapa auau i ngā toi a Reuben Paterson. Ko ngā hoahoa he kaupapa nui, he kaupapa whaiaro, ka mutu, he whakapapa. *He Hue/Gourds: Kua tu te puehu*, 2020 he whakatōpū i ngā hue kua whakatipuria e te ringa toi, ā, kua rāpoipoia e ia kia rerekē ai ngā āhuahanga. Nā Paterson anō ia kora, ia kora i whakapine. Ko ngā rārangi kōpiko muramura he kārangaranga o te manawataki, o te āhuahanga o te kōwhaiwhai, i te nekenekenga o ngā hoahoa i runga i te pakitara o te whare, i te whakaatanga o te aho ki ngā kora tae huhua. E ai ki te whakataukī ‘he kawei hue, he kawei tangata’ he rite ngā wene o te hue ki ngā tātai nui o te whānau, koia rā te nui o te whakapapa hei kaupapa i tēnei mahi.

Botanical patterns are a reoccurring theme in Reuben Paterson’s work – patterns of personal significance and express whakapapa (genealogy). *He Hue/Gourds: Kua tu te puehu*, 2020 brings together a collection of hue (gourds) presented by the artist in a variety of shapes and forms. Paterson has pinned each sequin individually. The bold curvilinear shapes echo the rhythms and forms of kōwhaiwhai (rafter painting), scintillating as light strikes the coloured sequins. The proverb ‘he kawei hue, he kawei tangata’ – descendants are like the runners of the gourd plant – likens the growth of the hue to the growth of a family, underlining the importance of whakapapa.

He Hue/Gourds: Kua tu te puehu
Reuben Paterson
Production date
sequins, nickel pins and gourds
Credit line
Reuben Paterson, care of Gow Langsford Gallery
Accession no
Copying restrictions apply
New Zealand Art
Display status
Not on display

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