The Creative Process: Explore

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Tuesday 12 February 2013
Selina Anderson

This year, the Todd Foundation Creative Learning Centre explores the creative process through Tiffany Singh’s work May the Rainbow Always Touch Your Shoulder. Visitors are invited to explore, experiment, create and share through participating in the space. So, let's start with explore. How are people exploring this space and what exactly are they exploring?


Often people enter the room with questions like, ‘What is this room?’ ‘What is that smell? ‘Can we do something in here?’ ‘Who made that artwork?’

From my own observations of engaging with people in here, there are multiple points of entry for people to explore. Coming into the space, visitors immediately begin to explore the source of the scent of the room, the gentle sounds coming from the wind chimes and the feel of the raw blocks of wax. There is a sense of curiosity on their faces as they wonder what this room is about.

They are physically exploring the room, carefully looking at each aspect of the space, the wall text, the video, the artworks, and activities, and piecing together the connections between all these elements. They are exploring things by themselves or together with family – sometimes even with strangers.

Viewfinders give visitors a chance to explore previous works Tiffany has created, and at the same time relive their childhood when viewfinders were the height of technology!


I am sure that through the year I will witness dozens more ways that people explore this room that I haven’t even realised yet. If you come into the Creative Learning Centre and visit us, talk to us about how you have explored this space and what you have discovered!