Raining Cats and Dogs


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The forecast for summer at the Gallery is that it will be raining cats and dogs - literally! In the D gallery art works rain down the wall in streams to a height where even small children can view them with ease.

Selected from our collection are a large range of paintings, prints, photographs and sculpture, which depict cats and dogs in their various guises. The cats are often smug, and self-contained. A marmalade cat sits contently, its purring almost audible; another bows down stretching as if it has just risen from a nap; while a semi-wild cat, its haunches raised, hisses from the picture. On the whole the dogs seem much more genial and sociable. One looks pleadingly at the lens, suggesting that behind the camera the photographer holds dinner; others meet one another in the park and, like their owners, pass the time of day; but a couple snarl viscously at a passing girl; while another is caught regally standing on an upturned armchair surveying his realm.

Raining Cats and Dogs has been designed with families in mind. The Gallery's resident cat and dog - Picatso and Dogo Rivera - will introduce families to the exhibition on a fun-sheet, and there will be plenty of interactive activities for children of all ages. Look out also for demonstrations by some of your favourite book illustrators who will bring their characters to life in the Gallery.

During the dog days this summer come along and enjoy the deluge! Decide on your favourites, discover whether you are a cat person or a dog person, and what that is.

Curated by
Mary Kisler; Project Manager Jane Davidson
Main Gallery, Ground Level
Free entry

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