Rachel Whiteread: Untitled (Pair)


exhibition Details

English sculptor Rachel Whiteread is known for creating casts of objects in a range of materials. Whiteread's 1993 life-size cast of a terraced building in East London, House won her the prestigious Turner Prize and brought her artwork to international attention.

Untitled (Pair) 1999 is a mysterious work. Clearly scaled to the human body, each form is the negative space of its pair. Placed together the painted bronzes suggest tombstones, which connects with the function of the object Whiteread cast – a mortuary table.

Together, the white sculptures form a ghostly, uncanny unit. In Untitled (Pair) Whiteread evokes the idea of partnership, including the union between the sexes, while retaining a sense of ambiguity and mystery.

East Sculpture terrace, Level 2