Pressing Flesh: Skin, Touch, Intimacy


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This rambling group show looks at themes of skin, touch and intimacy - particularly bad intimacy. It takes in hysterical welts, playing tag in the nude, slap happy couples, live massage performance, blackened digits, passive-aggressive invitations, published romantic blacklists and wishlists, plasticine paintings, skin collages, dank nude studies, deeply textured stockings, hairy soap, stalker videos, pitted tongues, and finally classic feminist vagina paintings made by a guy.

The show includes Maria Abramovic and Ulay, Pat Brassington, Steve Carr, Derrick Cherrie, Julian Dashper, Jae Hoon Lee, Luise Fong, Lucio Fontana, Douglas Gordon, Terrence Handscomb, Andrea Low, Fiona Pardington, Peter Peryer, Ann Shelton, Jed Town, Terry Urbahn, Rohan Weallens, Artur Zmijewski and more.

"DUST. The storytellers have not realised that the Sleeping Beauty would have awoken covered in a thick layer of dust; nor have they envisaged the sinister spiders' webs that would have been torn apart at the first movement of her red tresses."
- George Bataille

"About 80 percent of the material seen floating in a sunbeam is actually skin flakes."
- William F. Lyon

New Gallery, Lower Level
Free entry

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