Pillars: Project Another Country


exhibition Details

Pillars: Project Another Country, 2018, by artists Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, is a new commission for the North Atrium which expands on the idea of home to encompass migration across oceans, displacement, relocation and settlement. These are essential questions for Auckland and its future, given the fact that 39 per cent of people living in the region were born overseas.

This installation, along with their participatory artwork for the Todd Foundation Creative Learning Centre From Pillars to Posts: Project Another Country, explores fundamental ideas about what creates community, what constitutes family, and how homes are fabricated around human needs and relationships.

Born in the Philippines, and working between Manila and Brisbane, the Aquilizans have devoted much of their careers to collaborating with communities in site-specific locations across the world, as they inspire conversations that explore the concept of ‘belonging’ and what people envision as ‘home’.

Curated by
Rhana Devenport