Out of the Ordinary


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Out of the Ordinary: installations by seven women artists 

Installation art covers a broad area of artistic practice, often integrating the traditional disciplines of sculpture, painting and architecture. Installations may also employ modern technological devices, elements of applied art practice or aspects of performance art.

The installations in Out of the Ordinary explore the potential of a vast range of techniques and resources. Organic found objects, industrial and commercial products and hand-crafted items are all brought into play. Some of the works have a transformative theme while others investigate the relationship between nature and culture. Several reinforce cultural identity through the use of traditional materials.

The key concept underpinning Out of the Ordinary is the process of search and discovery, with contemplation and investigation ultimately rewarded by revelation. Although several of the works have prosaic associations and most employ mundane, everyday materials, there is nothing at all ordinary about this exhibition, which acknowledges the contribution women artists have made to the installation art arena.

Artists: Mineko Grimmer, Bronwynne Cornish, Christine Hellyar, Judy Darragh, Jacqueline Fraser, Maureen Lander, Nike Savvas

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