Mladen Bizumic: Kodachrome Presents


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Kodachrome Presents, a specially commissioned work by Austrian-based New Zealand artist Mladen Bizumic is the latest to occupy Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki's Edmiston North Sculpture Terrace.

In January 2012, the legendary photographic company Eastman Kodak, once synonymous with colour-rich images, filed for bankruptcy. Mladen Bizumic's installation acts a reminder of the demise of film-based photography, which is due in part to the demand for and comparative technical simplicity of digital image making.

Bizumic's artwork often points to places of nostalgia or to things lost in the process of global modernisation. Here, he marks the relationship between the arrival of colour film in 1935 and the legacy of Kodachrome's 12-colour palette. The site of the Terrace is reminiscent of balconies and elevated tourist lookouts made popular through modern photography and captured in countless 'Kodak moments'. Bizumic's small museum stanchions act like prompts for viewers to observe the colourful real world alongside its pictorial reproduction.

The images in the installation were collected from a special New Zealand issue of the German language magazine GEO, which in 1991 reproduced photographs of New Zealand scenes for European audiences. Bizumic uses these to reflect on a New Zealand of the recent past and the temporality of image making.

The ongoing series of sculpture commissions by New Zealand artists is proudly supported by the Chartwell Trust. Previous artists in the series include; Kate Newby,Sriwhana Spong and James Oram.

North Sculpture Terrace, Level 2
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