Making Worlds


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When we play we learn about the world and ourselves. Through make-believe and improvisation we use objects and spaces to transform the ordinary into the fantastical. We make dens out of sheets and chairs, camp in the back garden or just close our eyes and imagine a place unlike anything around us.

Making Worlds looks at the way artists invent worlds of imagination, speculation, wonder and enquiry. Like scientists they research, question and experiment. They imagine things and places. Explaining the world that we know, or that which is beyond, they use models, signs and miniature systems. They describe worlds that make us feel secure and happy, and others, which give us a feeling of dread. From a secret world of the city in Chiho Aoshima's beautiful animated film City Glow to a silent world of noise in Eugene Carchesio's Works from The Museum of Silence (Dept. of 100 poems).

Making Worlds is an exhibition that takes you to another place, a place of make-believe, where you can drift into your imagination no matter what age you are or where you're from.

Making Worlds gives you the chance to become part of the exhibition. There are activity stations in the gallery where you can make a miniature house, create a secret sound box, make badges and more. Wall labels are designed to help parents and children find their own meanings in the work. Don't let your family miss out on this fantastical exhibition.

New Gallery
$5 - $7

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