Ko Tangaroa e ngunguru nei! | Tangaroa Rumbles and Roars!


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Tangaroa fled to the sea when his parents, Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatūānuku (Earth Mother), were separated. There he became the god of the sea, and all that live within it are his children. He is the formidable brother of Tāne, often antagonising his sibling’s domain on land with storms and destructive torments. Māori oral traditions tell us that Tangaroa, with his moody, persuasive character, can be unpredictable and unforgiving with those who fall out of his favour. Known by many names, including Tangaroa-Whakamautai (Tangaroa the controller of tides) and Tangaroa-Whaiariki (Tangaroa the guardian of all seas), he exercises dominance over his world. The knowledge of wood carving comes from Tangaroa’s underwater domain and was brought back to land by Ruatepupuke. Tangaroa continues to provide vital sustenance and resources to humankind and he is the inspiration for the works you see here.

Curated by
Nigel Borell
Mace Galleries

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