Honestly Speaking: The Word, the Body and the Internet


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This exhibition explores the body and language in art today through four highly immersive presentations by leading international artists. In a cultural era dominated by images, these artists emphasise the relationship between objects, bodies and language. They re-engage ideas of gender politics that were first seen in the 1980s, igniting questions about power and personal truth in the digital age. These ideas are especially relevant now, as political truths are called into question and the expansion of technology outpaces our understanding of its effects on our lives.

Honestly Speaking: The Word, the Body and the Internet includes new and recent work by Shahryar Nashat (Switzerland), Frances Stark (USA) and Martine Syms (USA), and a work by UK-based New Zealand artists Sriwhana Spong, which was co-commissioned for the Edinburgh Art Festival in 2019.

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