He Raranga Toi: Robyn Kahukiwa, Emily Karaka and Kura Te Waru Rewiri


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The title of this exhibition translates as the weaving together of many strands of art insight, knowledge and information. Here, we are referring to the Gallery Library's resources on three important Aotearoa New Zealand painters, Robyn Kahukiwa, Emily Karaka and Kura Te Waru Rewiri.

Over the course of four decades, the Library has collected press clippings, catalogues, general books and exhibition ephemera on these women. How they came to be artists, the scope of their exhibition history and their personal stories can all be charted through these resources. As with other New Zealand artists, much of the information is collected in artist files which can be consulted when researchers use the Library.

The Library is also a repository for archives; for example, the posters exhibited here come from a collection relating to women's art exhibitions donated as part of her personal papers by Auckland feminist artist, Juliet Batten. Works by Kahukiwa, Karaka and Te Waru Rewiri are currently on display in Five Māori Painters on level 2 until mid-June.

Curated by
Caroline McBride
Mezzanine level display case
Free entry

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