Sean Kerr: What's It Doing?


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Sean Kerr is the latest artist to take over the Todd Foundation Creative Learning Centre with his hands-on installation for all ages, What's It Doing?

Step inside What's It Doing? and explore where ideas come from, what an artist does with those ideas, and how we as an audience participate and respond. Have a go activating Sean Kerr's 'idea machine', watch as the giant eyes follow your every move, and play with placards that explore the artist's practice.

'What's It Doing? is fully interactive, encouraging people to enjoy quality time with their family, while also having fun engaging with art,' says Community Learning Coordinator Meg Nicoll.

The installation draws on artist Sean Kerr's previous works, which often included ill-mannered scenarios and misbehaving machines that owed as much to communication theory as to slapstick comedy, and which explored both social and technological relationships.

Sean says by playfully intertwining, unpacking and opening up these thoughts and processes, Gallery visitors will be invited to think about the ideas behind the work.

'The audience will also be encouraged to reflect on the limits of interactivity and interaction, as well as the methods used to create art works.'

Supported by the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust

Curated by
Meg NIcoll
Todd Foundation Creative Learning Centre, Mezzanine level
Free entry