Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith


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A survey show which follows the development of McCahon's works from 1946 to the beginning of the 1980s.

It focuses on the artist's spiritual quest, demonstrating how he explored questions of faith, doubt, hope and eventually despair.

The selection shows how McCahon sought to give visual representation to these existential issues of the human condition by using and modernising the Western Judeo-Christian artistic tradition.

Free Admission thanks to the generosity of three private patrons.


This one day seminar on 24 May 2003 incorporated five papers written and presented by well known McCahon experts and academics. These explored aspects of McCahon's concept of faith, his use of traditional Christian iconography, works commissioned for the church, and how his paintings were received at the time of their production.

Participants included Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, Laurence Simmons and William McAloon among others.

The seminar was held in conjunction with the Stedelijk Museum's exhibition Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith and supported by The Sue Fisher Art Trust. The papers from the seminar will be published subsequently.

Curated by
Ron Brownson
Main Gallery, Upper Level
Free entry

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