Art & the 60's from Tate Britain


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This exhibition draws on Tate Britain's superb collection of works from the period, along with loans from the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, and Auckland's own collection. The show is particularly appropriate as the 1960s saw the opening up of access to Europe and America allowing a broader group of antipodeans to experience London first-hand.

Art & the 60s from Tate Britain tracks the changes that took place between 1956 and the end of the sixties. The new culture broke down the barriers between music, fashion, advertising and art, creating a common vernacular language. While the period gave new meaning to style, not all art was flippant, especially after the political protests of 1968. Underlying the slick mechanical production techniques and the collage effects was a serious desire to question society, to draw attention to the way technical advances affect the way we perceive and live in the world.

Curated by
Mary Kisler
Main Gallery
Free entry

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