19 Gallery: Relocating Frances Hodgkins


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In 1934, London art dealer Sydney Burney commissioned a range of leading British modernist artists to create small scale works for a miniature gallery, to raise money for the Fund for the Blind. This model gallery became known as the 34 Gallery, symbolising both the year when it was created and the number of artworks featured in the display. It included two paintings by Frances Hodgkins. A replica was made in 1997 with 25 of the original paintings, currently on display at Pallant House, Chichester.

In 2019, on the occasion of the major touring exhibition Frances Hodgkins: European Journeys, Auckland Art Gallery has reworked Sydney Burney’s concept. The 19 Gallery: Relocating Frances Hodgkins, 2019 includes paintings and sculptures by 19 New Zealand artists who have in turn been inspired by the work of Frances Hodgkins.

Don't miss this tiny exhibition located in our display case on the Mezzanine level before the E H McCormick Library. 

Click here to watch the making of The 19 Gallery: Relocating Frances Hodgkins. 

Featured artists:

Gretchen Albrecht 
Nick Austin
Kirstin Carlin
Vita Cochran
Bronwynne Cornish
Jane Dodd  
Nicola Farquhar 
Finn Ferrier 
Graham Fletcher 
Star Gossage
Julian Hooper 
Ryder Jones 
Areez Katki 
David Kisler 
Saskia Leek 
Christina Pataiali’i 
Jeena Shin 
Richard Stratton
Isobel Thom 

Research Library Display Case

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