Women in Love (1969)


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Two sisters are courted by two very different men in this acclaimed adaptation of the D H Lawrence classic Women In Love. Gudren (Glenda Jackson) is pursued by Gerald (Oliver Reed) a tough coal miner, while sister Ursula (Jenny Linden) is wooed by the school inspector Rupert (Alan Bates). One couple enters into the union with timidity but their love endures with time. The other couple engages in a frenzied, lustful flesh feast eventually ending in tragedy. Both couples honeymoon together as love takes it's often rocky course. Hints of homosexuality arise when Gerald and Rupert have a wrestling match in their underwear. The act is implied rather than graphic. There are the obligatory nude scenes that many films from this year seem compelled to present.

Ken Russell won an Oscar for Best Director while Glenda Jackson won the Best Actress Award for her sublimely subdued performance.

Directed by Ken Russell, UK 1969. Runtime 131 mins. R18


Auditorium, lower ground level

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