Te Reo Māori short films


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A collection of shorts either completely in Te Reo Māori or with substantial Te Reo Māori content.

Curated by Leo Koziol (Ngāti Rakaipaaka, Ngāti Kahungunu), Director of Wairoa Maori Film Festival, Aotearoa.



The Road to Whakarae

The lyrics of the song Te Rori ki Whakarae, e tells of how the winding, dusty road is a special part of the mana of the Waimana Valley.

Directed by Tim Worrall (Ngai Tūhoe), 2014. 3 mins



A man stands on the shore. His destiny awaits.

Directed by Lennie Hill, 2014. 4 mins



Uru tells the story of a young dispirited Maori woman finding her identity. Based on the true story of a group of Kahungunu women struggling for the rights of Maori Women and Maori values in New Zealand during the 1890’s.

Directed by Hiona Henare, 2010. 16 mins 



A war party has abducted an enemy leader and bound him to the stern of their war canoe. The war canoe is being towed through a forest, driven by a merciless chief in a bid to escape any pursuers and return home safely with their trophy

Directed by Tearepa Kahi, 2007. 15 mins



When a young boy falls ill, a family turns to a tohunga for help. Unknowingly, a young girl bears witness to a world never meant for her.

Directed by Rebecca Collins, 2014. 8 mins



Tawhiti is a Maori Language Sci-Fi Relationship Drama. Ruanui has returned from Mars but instead of settling down like he promised, he tries to convince his wife and daughter to return with him to start a new life on Mars.

Directed by Tamati Ihaka, 2016. 13 mins

Total runtime 59 mins

Auditorium, lower ground level
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