Summer School Holidays: Animated Short Films

 —  11am—4pm. Screenings begin on the hour.

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These school holidays, come and enjoy a selection of short, family-friendly animated films created by a group of very talented Digital Design students from the School of Art & Design at Auckland University of Technology. 

Prepare to be amazed and entertained!

The films will be shown daily on a loop in our Auditorium (ground floor) — the perfect chance for families to relax in a cool space. Sessions are around 37 minutes and start on the hour, every hour, between 11am and 4pm. 

The films are suitable for all ages.

Screening line-up:

  1. Miro Wine by Lily Martin-Babin and Briana Greally (3:58)
  2. Faded by Katya Rasskazova (2:36)
  3. Chasing the Wind by Patrica Cruz (1:49)
  4. Max and The Universe by Texas Shepherd (3:59)
  5. Touch Paper by Sarah Johnston (0:33)
  6. Brawl for Initiative by Paige Wilson (2:59)
  7. Surreal Air by Peggy Li (3:11)
  8. Slug by Alice Wu (4:24)
  9. Mum’s Chicken Friend by Jeeyeon Han (1:02)
  10. Slump by Chris Lee (2:39)
  11. Lingering Piece by Camille Cruz (2:31)
  12. The Scent of Blue Uiseong by Monique Park (5:09)
  13. Journey to Faith by Timothy Haryadi (2:02)


Image credits: 

Jeeyeon Han, Mum's Chicken Friend
Peggy Li, Surreal Air
Paige Wilson, Brawl for Initiative
Lily Martin-Babin and Briana Greally, Miro Wine



Showings run daily, and start on the hour, every hour, between 11am and 4pm.

Auditorium - Lower Ground Floor