Sonic Blossom

 —  12–4pm

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Sonic Blossom is a free component of paid exhibition Lee Mingwei and His Relations: The Art of Participation and takes place outside of the level 1 exhibition spaces.

The idea for Sonic Blossom came to the artist Lee Mingwei when he was caring for his mother who was recovering from a heart operation.  Although seeing his mother weak due to her illness made the facts of aging, illness and mortality more real and immediate to him, it was Franz Schubert’s Lieder (Art Songs) that soothed and comforted the artist and his mother, and recalled his own childhood.

 Within the Gallery, a singer will find someone to whom they will offer a gift of song — an intangible gift that is meant solely for that person. Like a song that comes into being before vanishing again, our own lives are transient and short-lived — but perhaps all the more beautiful for that fact. 

Auckland Art Gallery and the artist wish to thank the staff and students of The University of Auckland's School of Music for generously facilitating this project.


Thursday – Sunday, 12–4pm

Mackelvie Gallery, mezzanine level

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