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Travelling in invisible waves that transform how we experience the world, light has fascinated artists for centuries. In this exciting event, be amazed as waves of sound create an original painting before your eyes. As NZTrio perform a new commission from accomplished New Zealand composer Alex Taylor, EEG (electroencephalogram) headsets will capture their brainwaves as they respond to music stimuli. This data is then expressed in a painting that is created in real time. Developed by contemporary artist Simon Ingram, this incredible music-to-painting digital technology visualises the visceral unseen forces shaping our experiences of art and life. 

This event is part of our Pay-what-you-can pricing trial, which means you can choose to pay $10, $20 or $30 (plus fees) for your ticket. Any contribution is appreciated and will support the Gallery, including exhibition development, education, conservation, and programming. There will be a paid bar and Q&A to follow. 

NZTrio is renowned for its eclectic repertoire, outstanding talent and warm stage presence. Its talented musicians are Amalia Hall (violin), Ashley Brown (cello) and Somi Kim (piano). 

Simon Ingram is a New Zealand-based artist whose work creates a dialogue between art and technology, reinventing painting as a contemporary practice for the digital age. It is situated as a collaboration between artist, apparatus, and our life world. His practice exists in multiple dimensions: from machines that paint radio waves from space or the brain waves of people, to synthetic images made by artificial intelligence networks. He teaches at Elam School of Fine Art at The University of Auckland.  


NZTrio is supported by the Nicholas Tarling Charitable Trust.

North Atrium
Pay-what-you-can | $10, $20, $30
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