Post Fossil Fashion Practices

 —  Sat & Sun 11am – 3pm

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To celebrate the opening of Mary Quant – Fashion Revolutionary, we invite you to meet some revolutionary thinkers of our own. 

Final year students from the Fashion major of AUT’s Bachelor of Design course display their garments and accessories and demonstrate their making techniques throughout this opening weekend. Drop in to see their creations and watch them at work on techniques of leather working, weaving, smocking, metal accessory making, upcycling and more. 

These students have developed design approaches and practices that focus on their immediate surroundings; what is available to them physically in the remoteness of New Zealand, whilst at the same time expanding global conversations of what fashion is today and can be. As we enter a post-fossil period, students strive to answer the following questions: how do we work to reduce a person’s consumption; what design practices and approaches support our ecology; how does the work reflect our locality; how do we change the notion of fashion in a society that reveres newness? 

Curated by Leica Johnson, AUT.

This event will proceed at Red and Orange with:

·       1m distancing

·       Facemasks mandatory

·       Scan in using the COVID app

·       Vaccination passports mandatory

See our website for full terms and conditions of entry. 

Come and join the conversation.

North Atrium