Pacific Dance Festival 2019: Lyncia Muller and Manoa Teiawa


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The Pacific Dance Festival for 2019 will be held in Auckland from 5–23 June. Embracing contemporary Pacific dance, the festival and provides audiences with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the incredible diversity of performance Pasifika choreographers are creating throughout New Zealand. 

Experience the creative process behind these performances with our free open rehearsals being held at the Gallery throughout the month. 

Moana is a collection of short works by emerging dance artists, Ankaramy Fepuleai with ‘Lalo’, ’Stolen Stories’ by FAF SWAG artist Manoa Teaiwa, Tofifailauga Misa’s ‘Ave Ese’, Lyncia Muller and the New Zealand School of Dance.

Lyncia Muller – Fonua
A collaboration of, Gabrielle Halatoa, Cypris Afakasi and Unitec dance graduates, Terry Morrison and Cory-Toalei Roycroft, Lyncia Muller presents Fonua – an exciting piece that brings together different worlds and experiences.

Manoa Teiawa – Stolen Stories
Much of Oceania might know of what happened to Banaba, but a lot of Aotearoa won’t know that the backbone of New Zealand’s farming industry was fed by the ancestral grounds of the people of Ocean island.

The aim of this piece is to inform New Zealand audiences of the mining carried out on Banaba (Ocean Island) from 1900 to 1979. The work does not intend to answer the question of how to remediate this historical instance of terrorism but instead acts as a representation of ones lived experience showing what it means to be a diaspora of Banaba and a second glimpse into the land made from lands. The show aims to be a multidisciplinary art experience that provides multiple waves and ways to understand the modern-day neuroses after colonial subjugation.

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