Night Will Fall (2014)


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Not only is Night Will Fall an imprtant document but it is also unique in having Alfred Hitchcock and producer Sidney Bernstein collaborate on what may be the only documentary Hitchcock was involved in.

Britain’s army film unit commissioned Bernstein to make a record of the Nazi death camps, using footage pouring in from the liberation of Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Auschwitz and elsewhere. Bernstein employed Alfred Hitchcock as a supervising director.

Yet the 1945 documentary languished in British archives for nearly 70 years, never completed, stonewalled by political authorities nervous of the growing Zionist movement and in need of Germany as a postwar anti-Soviet ally.

Now finally finished and restored by the Imperial War Museum in 2014 and using images never seen before, it exposes the obscenity of Holocaust.

'Not a film you're likely to forget.' 
– The New York Times

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Directed by André Singer, UK/USA/Israel, 2014. Run time 75 mins




Auditorium, lower ground level
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