New Zealand Dance Week


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Celebrating New Zealand Dance Week, this programme presents three engaging works by Auckland dance artists.

Touch Compass Dance Company present Grotteschi, a duet choreographed by Suzanne Cowan that explores the ‘grotesque’ body with characters drawn from the historical ‘freak show’.  

Jahra Wasasala and Grace Woollett present an excerpt from their award- winning production, Mother/Jaw. Drawing inspiration from Grace Taylor’s poetry, this work dissects the themes surrounding the rituals of 'otherness', modern cultural identity, and the lack of belonging we feel to the land we find ourselves on.

Poppy Dance, by the Company of Seniors, directed by Susan Jordan, is a dance of remembrance commemorating WWI from an anti-war perspective. The dancers in Poppy Dance are all senior community dancers.

Coordinated by Marianne Schultz, Dance Aoteaora New Zealand (DANZ). Duration: 30 mins


North atrium, mezzanine level