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The very fact that their own record label describes sibling duo Clementine Valentine as “art-pop” should give you a clue as to why we knew we needed them as our opening act for Music of the Month 2024!

Formerly known as Purple Pilgrims, and now stepping out using their first names as their musical moniker, Clementine and Valentine Nixon are beloved by the fashion world, art scene, and music industry alike. They have performed at fashion shows for the country’s top designers, and been the subject of paintings by both Liz Maw and Andrew McLeod, the latter of who painted the cover of the duo’s latest album The Coin That Broke The Fountain Floor.

The ethereal sounds created by Clementine Valentine are as informed by their time spent living in big city Hong Kong as by their current home in a secluded Coromandel hideaway, ranging from the almost operatic to the dreamlike, with their label Flying Nun using descriptors such as regal, richly layered, and shimmering. Intrigued? You absolutely should be!

We cannot wait to host the sisterly pairing of Clementine Valentine on Sunday 21st January at 2pm, as part of the Music of the Month events for our stunning Guo Pei: Fashion, Art, Fantasy 郭培 :时装之幻梦 exhibition.

First in, first serve! No booking required.

Photo credit: PICTVRE



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