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Indulge in streetARTdego, a creative-food-meets-artist-extravaganza in and around the Gallery that pairs top food vendors with renowned artists. Enjoy a live performance from Pacific Heights, after-hours entry to the Walters Prize exhibition, food by Judge Bao and drinks from the ArtDego Pop-Up Bar.

A rundown of streetARTdego

The night begins in lower Khartoum Place, where artist Tiffany Singh is working with Temaki Truck to create an installation and food offering inspired by concepts of reciprocity and generosity to coincide with her Art 4 Food project at St Matthew in the City on the same night.

Next door, Korean-Mexican food truck Coreano will work with visual artist Kerry Ann Lee on a dish inspired by her current artist residency in Mexico, taking cues from songs and images of revolution from both Korea and Mexico.

In Upper Khartoum Place, Kraken Crumpets and performance artist Mark Harvey will create an edible, performative movement inspired by Harvey’s work Turquoisation: For the coming storm 2016.
Across Kitchener St on our forecourt, The Pie Piper collaborates with Walters Prize 2016 finalist Nathan Pohio on a food offering inspired by his photographic work, Raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, set course to the centre of an ever setting sun! 2015.

The final collaboration will unfold in our North Atrium, where electronic artist Pacific Heights will perform for free, and Chinese street food specialists Judge Bao will serve a dish inspired by the band’s 2016 album, The Stillness.

Note: entry to the Pacific Heights performance will be on a first-come first-served basis and is restricted by a maximum capacity. The performance begins at 8pm.


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North Atrium