Indian Diaspora Aotearoa Three Ways


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In three short films Kiwi-Indian writer/producer and academic, Shuchi Kothari, wrestles with what it means to be a diasporic Indian in New Zealand.  Her latest film Shit One Carries, is also her first foray into directing fiction.

Fleeting Beauty
On a grey Auckland afternoon, an Indian woman gives her Pakeha lover an unusual history lesson with more than a hint of spice.
Directed by Virginia Pitts
Written by Shuchi Kothari
Produced by Shuchi Kothari and Sarina Pearson
Nomadz Unlimited Ltd, NZ 2004. 7 mins

Clean Linen
In the summer of ‘84, Raj, a 9-year-old Kiwi-Indian boy discovers a family secret only to realise that some things don’t come out in the wash.
Directed by Zia Mandviwalla
Written by Shuchi Kothari
Produced by Sarina Pearson and Shuchi Kothari
Nomadz Unlimited Ltd, NZ 2007. 13 mins


Shit One Carries
An elderly Indian man and his adult son face awkward intimacies when caregiving roles are reversed. 
Directed and written by Shuchi Kothari
Produced by Shailesh Prajapati and Shuchi Kothari
IndoNZfilmcompany, NZ/India 2017. 17 mins



Auditorium, lower ground level