Highlights Tour (English) | Guo Pei: Fashion, Art, Fantasy 郭培:时装之幻梦

 —  Every Monday and Thursday, 1.30–2.30pm

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Join one of our expert Gallery Guides for a tour through Guo Pei: Fashion, Art, Fantasy  郭培:时装之幻梦 and immerse yourself in the dazzling, sumptuous world of Guo Pei.

Discover the personal stories, rich influences and meticulous craft woven into the luxurious garments in this exhibition, which brings together two decades of extraordinary artistic output by a designer who takes inspiration from Imperial China, European art and the botanical world. This tour includes behind-the-scenes stories about Rihanna’s 2015 Met Gala Yellow Queen gown.

Enjoy this experience together as a group or treat yourself. Your ticket price includes a one-hour tour and entry to the exhibition. Guo Pei: Fashion, Art, Fantasy 郭培:时装之幻梦 is organised by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco with significant support from the Asian Couture Federation.

Mandarin tours are available – please book your tickets here. If you are interested in another date or time, please email gallerytours@aucklandartgallery.com and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

If you wish to purchase general admission tickets to Guo Pei: Fashion, Art, Fantasy  郭培:时装之幻梦, these can be purchased here

Image credits: 1. Collective Title. Elysium Collection, Spring/Summer 2020 © Guo Pei. Courtesy of Guo Pei. 2. 中文:黄皇后礼服 The Yellow Queen Gown © Guo Pei. Courtesy of Guo Pei. 3. Collective Title. Elysium Collection, Spring/Summer 2018 © Guo Pei. Photograph by LIAN Xu, courtesy of LIAN Xu.

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