Giselle – What becomes of the broken hearted


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Mary-Jane O’Reilly’s condensed contemporary ballet; Giselle – What becomes of the broken hearted is a high-intensity, 20-minute excerpt of a full-length work that draws its stylistic landscape from post-WW2 film noir, as captured in the immortal words of the genre’s iconoclast Raymond Chandler; 'sexual love is a one-way ticket to hell’.

We find Giselle battling to keep her dreams of love alive against the forces of darkness and cynicism with the elegant, but toxic, Ice Queen and her sisterhood of jilted femme fatales reborn into a time-warp subterranean club, brooding on their crushed dreams of romance and love.

Featuring a cast of 10 contemporary and ballet-trained dancers in beautifully tailored vintage jackets, angular lingerie, hats, gloves and veils with Mary-Jane’s clever and provocative approach to storytelling in dance, the work is designed to capture and enthrall.

North atrium