Friday Lates: Alicia Frankovich | AQI2020

5 — 9pm

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Join us at our Friday Lates on 6 November for a special evening performance of Alicia Frankovich | AQI2020, a new commission by New Zealand performance and installation artist, Alicia Frankovich. 

The work derives from the conditions experienced during the Australian bush fire season of summer 2019—2020, which had an unprecedented effect on people, wildlife and land, emitting dangerous levels of smoke across Australia, which were also seen in New Zealand. Visitors will find a large clear-orange box in the Gallery, inside of which can be observed a smokey scene with performers moving in choreographed gestures. The title references the ‘Air Quality Index’, an international system for monitoring pollutants in our atmosphere. 

The one-off, after hours live performance at Friday Lates will run from 5 — 9pm inside the Gallery's North Atrium. For full information on the work, head to the exhibition page here

North Atrium