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Flower Workshops with Scarecrow

With our neighbours from Scarecrow, we have developed a series of three seasonal flower workshops with an art twist: create a winter still life inspired by the Baroque period in July; learn the art of creating floral centrepieces in September; and make a long-lasting wreath for the festive season in November. Sign up for a single workshop or enjoy $55 off if you purchase our series package deal.

Workshop 1: Winter Flowers Still Life

Learn how to create a floral still life, inspired by vanitas still life paintings from the Baroque period, with winter flowers, foliage, foraged elements and personal keepsakes.

After an introduction by Assistant Curator Emma Jameson about vanitas artworks currently on display at the Gallery, we’ll discuss classic and contemporary approaches to flower and still life arrangements with artist Helen Bankers. You will be guided in creating your own still life, which will be professionally photographed by Helen. At the end of the workshop, you get to take home your flower arrangement, as well as a high-quality A4 print of your still life artwork.

All flowers, foliage and backdrop materials will be provided. You are encouraged to think about this piece in advance and bring in any element you might like to include to really personalise your work. In classic Vanitas artworks, props like a watch, shell or candle often reoccur. In this workshop, anything goes, from foraged pieces from your backyard to a piece of fabric, photograph, book or souvenir.

About Helen Bankers 

Artist Helen Bankers (1978, Tokoroa) has always been attracted to the natural world, which has recently led to a series of illustrative and abstract photographs that celebrates the fine form and intricacy of flowers and plants. Her eye for composition and colour, combined with her skilful use of natural light, transform her photographs into timeless creations. Helen’s approach to photography is influenced by the work of ground-breaking artist Georgia O’Keefe and the still life techniques of the 17th-century Dutch masters.

Image: Blue Night (detail), 2018, by Helen Bankers. Styling by Melle Van Sambeek.

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