Exhibiting architecture symposium


event Details

During the Festival of Architecture, and to coincide with the showing of Future Islands at Objectspace, The New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) is running an afternoon event focusing on the issue of exhibiting architecture. During the event, nine presenters will examine varying aspects of exhibiting architecture, considering aspects such as: how one exhibits architecture; what makes a good architecture exhibition; how much you can hope to show or tell; and pitfalls – how to avoid them. The presentations will be illustrated with examples of exhibitions that the presenters have made or seen.
The format is nine 10-minute presentations. The line-up of speakers is:

  • David Mitchell (Mitchell & Stout), creative director of New Zealand’s 2014 Venice exhibition
  • Charles Walker (AUT), creative director of New Zealand’s 2016 Venice exhibition
  • Kathy Waghorn (Auckland University), associate creative director of New Zealand’s 2016 Venice exhibition
  • Andrew Barrie (Auckland University), co-curator of a Venice exhibition in 2012
  • Julia Gatley (Auckland University), curator of exhibitions on the work of Ian Athfield and The Group
  • Rick Pearson (Pearson & Associates Architects), a member of the 2014 Venice creative team and designer of numerous museum and gallery exhibition spaces
  • David Hebblethwaite (Art of Fact), a UK-trained architect and museum exhibition specialist who now runs an Auckland-based exhibition and ‘visitor experience’ company
  • Tim Gruchy (Grup TV), designer of ‘immersive multi-media experiences’ and artworks, including light projections on buildings; a member of the team that staged Lisa Reihana’s New Zealand exhibition at this year’s Venice Art Biennale
  • Bill McKay (Auckland University), co-curator of the legendary Modernism exhibition in early 1990s (among other shows) and an opinionated critic on matters architectural    
Auditorium, lower ground level