Engaging Publics/Public Engagement symposium


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Join us and International keynote speaker Jeanne van Heeswijk for a day of discussions about the changing connections between art and its publics.

Co-organised by Auckland Art Gallery and AUT University School of Art and Design

How can the public play a greater role in art? How can public participants be generative in the creation of culture - in reality as well as in theory? How can a multitude of voices be heard or seen in 'public art' and in art institutions? Can art in public space support new or productive relationships with communities? Is it possible for art institutions to engage with expectations that art will assist in the development of a discursive public sphere while also having to prioritise cultural tourism or the economic contribution of the arts?

This symposium seeks discussion on the rise of connectivities between art in public space and publics. It addresses varied calls for art to play a role in the creation of a public sphere, evident, for example, in the recent Istanbul and Sydney biennales.

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View or download the keynote presentation by Jeanne van Heeswijk The Artist has to decide whom to serve


Auditorium, lower ground level