Elefante Blanco (White Elephant) 2012


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Two priests, the old veteran Father Julián and his new younger Belgian colleague, Father Nicolás, and the social worker Luciana, work in a slum area of Buenos Aires known as Ciudad Oculta. Together they fight to resolve the issues of the neighborhood’s society. Their work will have them face the clerical hierarchy, the organized crime and the repression, risking their lives defending their commitment and loyalty towards the people of the neighbourhood.

The film’s title comes from the gigantic abandoned hospital that dominates the area described as a deserted wreck and cathedral of poverty where homeless camps and drug-dealers ply their trade.

Curator’s note

A film that contextualizes on the slums present in South America and the influence of the Catholic Church. 

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Directed by Pablo Trapero, Argentina 2012. Runtime 105 mins

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