After hours talk: Nalini Malani


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“My conviction of the importance of a radical change in the female situation within and outside the art world, in India and anywhere else, has been a red line in my art for the last fifty years. And unfortunately seeing mother earth being slowly strangled by our ongoing mechanical lifestyle has only made the need of feminisation of our societies more urgent than ever.”

Join visiting contemporary Indian artist Nalini Malani for an illustrated talk 'It is now time to pay close attention to female subjectivity if anything called progress is to be achieved.'  Her 2012 installation work In Search of Vanished Blood features in the group exhibition Other People Think, which opens at Auckland Art Gallery on Saturday 10 March.

Nalini Malani combines a variety of mediums in a unique way in order to cast attention towards political engagement. As a refugee herself during the separation of India and Pakistan, her work is permeated by themes such as migration, globalisation, poverty, and the oppression of women. These topical issues are often combined in Malani’s work with motifs from classical literature and mythology.

Auditorium, clock tower entrance
Free entry

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