Dr Bruno Ferraro: Transgression and Punishment in Dante's Inferno


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Dr Bruno Ferraro will take us in a journey from Hell to Mt. Eden following Dante’s footsteps. Will Vergil and Beatrice succeed in guiding Dante to Mt. Eden, in the Southern Hemisphere? Famous artists and Tchaikovsky’s music will illustrate Dante’s spectacular depiction of his age through Hell, a place where we can find lovers, historical personages, artists, knights and Popes.

Part of the events programme for Italian Language Weekend. Note that this lecture will be in English

About the speaker

Bruno G.R. Ferraro holds degrees from the universities of Sydney, Flinders and Urbino. He has lectured in a number of Australian universities and at the university of Auckland. His main area of research has been sixteenth-century theatre, publishing three critical editions of previously unpublished plays, two translations of Italian Renaissance plays into English and a number of articles and reviews in international journals of Italian studies. For a number of years he was a member of the "Centre de Recherche sur la Renaissance Italienne" based at the Sorbonne (Paris IV) and in this capacity he lectured at Paris III, VIII and X; in Pisa he was associated to the "Scuola Normale Superiore" where he offered a number of seminars. As a member of the largest international organisation of Italian studies ("AISLLI") he has participated and given papers at numerous conferences. He is the foundation member and regular contributor of "Letteratura Italiana Antica". He has been invited to give lectures at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London, Sorbonne, Trinity College – Dublin and at a number of Italian Institutes of Culture in Australia and Europe: Sydney, Melbourne, Dublin, Bucharest, Warsaw.



Auditorium, lower ground level