Artists talk: Natalie Robertson and Gabriel Rossell-Santillán


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Natalie Robertson (Ngāti Porou/Clan Donnachaidh) proposes a critical question in the Māori context of whether any ‘marae’ or any event within there can be photographed, in reference to the cultural interpretation of image, moral permission and communal identity.

In his practice, Gabriel Rossell Santillán (Wixáritari/Huichol of Mexico) utilises drawing, performance, photography and video in order to create specific narratives that act as epistemologies in sharing authorships, indigenous critical thinking, feminists of colour and queer thinkers. These epistemologies explore subaltern and alternative forms of knowledge transfer, often highlighting the body through interaction with smell, heat, humidity etc.

Departing from their conversations in Stuttgart when they met in an earlier iteration of the Politics of Sharing show, Robertson and Rossell-Santillán will present their works and develop a common discussion ground about their learning experiences, challenges and strategies of and working experiences with their ancestral histories. Questions will arise around ethics, responsibilities and methodologies of their research and practices.

This talk is part of the opening weekend events programme for Artspace's new exhibition Politics of Sharing: On Collective Wisdom.

Auditorium, lower ground level