Apocalypse: World War I (Parts 3 and 4)


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Drawing from over 500 hours of archival footage, much of it previously unseen, Apocalypse: WWI traces the journeys of civilians and soldiers who fought for survival in one of the darkest times in history. An era that fundamentally changed the worldwide balance of power – from the war's outbreak in 1914 through the duration, to the U.S. intervention and The Treaty of Versailles.

This extraordinary series is screened free of any costs to the Gallery or public, courtesy of the kind and generous contribution from the producer, Josette D Normandeau and directors to the New Zealand WWI commemorations.

Part 3: Hell

War descends into hell. The battlefield becomes a slaughterhouse. After 16 months of fighting, five million men are dead. Despite this, neither side has gained any ground until a new and terrifying machine rolls onto the battlefield ... the Tank.

Part 4 – Rage

Russia 1917. Tsar Nicholas II is the first Emperor to fall as a result of the war. Will the Russian revolution mean an end to their involvement? A new German offensive could pull the United States into the conflict and fuel the flames of war.

Directed by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, France, 2014. Runtime 104 mins

Auditorium, lower ground level