Anzac: Tides of Blood (2015)


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Actor Sam Neill confronts the Anzac Centenary through the lens of his family’s military tradition. He uncovers forgotten truths that reveal the power of the enduring myth of Anzac that still haunt our two countries’ histories.

Filmed in a score of international locations and against a background of continuing turmoil, Neill's sharing of poignant, intimate stories suggests the universality of our need to remember in ways that may offer redemption.
Like the Anzacs 100 years ago Sam Neill journeys across oceans, seeking an answer to why a legend was born in Turkey on 25 April, 1915. Why our two island nations, separated by sea, still celebrate a botched military expedition. Submerging himself in the ebb and flow of a century of remembering and forgetting, Neill is carried back and forth on tides that mingle truth and myth, the public and the personal. From the Gallipoli Peninsula back to the Otago Peninsula.

Directed by Kriv Stenders, NZ/Aus 2015. Run time 86 min 


Auditorium, lower ground level
$5 + booking fee
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