An Accidental Berliner (2015)


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November 1989:  by pure chance, Tony Forster, just an ordinary Kiwi, finds himself passing through Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin on the night the Wall comes down. The euphoric emotion in the crowd invades him, takes him over, and changes his life.

20 years later, with the anniversary celebrations looming, Tony feels compelled to return to Berlin.  Finding his emotion as strong and volatile as ever, he feels driven to investigate how and why his involvement in this event still affects him so strongly. 

Exploring the profound significance of these events on each person he talks with, this emotionally repressed Kiwi discovers that the breaking down of the Berlin Wall has been breaking down the emotional walls within him.

Directed by Tony Forster, New Zealand 2015. 89 mins

Auditorium, lower ground level
$5 + booking fee
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