After hours talk: AUT Artists in Residence – Grégory Chatonsky & Goliath Dyèvre


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Join us to hear Grégory Chatonsky and Goliath Dyèvre discuss their recent works and share their fascinating AUT residency project.

Selected as the 2016 Te Ataata Creative Technologies Artist Residency recipients, Grégory and Goliath form an artist-designer duo of researchers whos works focus on the relationship between materiality and digital in the contemporary context of the post-digital.

Their new research creation project The augmentation of things aims to build objects that are simultaneously in two worlds, tangible and virtual. In each world the object is incomplete, it is only when the two meet that it makes sense.

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Image credits

Concept image for The Missing Part. Supplied by the artists; Grégory Chatonsky; Goliath Dyèvre.

Auditorium, clock tower entrance