To support Achievement Standards:

English: 1/2/3.4 1/2/3.2 1.11 2.10 3.9

Structure of the educator-facilitated programme:

Students explore visual language through guided analysis of original artworks (visual texts). This analysis is used as the inspiration for experimenting with written language, which students then begin to craft into a piece of creative writing.

Teacher lead self-guide time can be used to extend, refine and share written pieces. Support resources can be provided for this time if required. 

Learning intentions:

Students will:

  • Identify a range of visual language features and understand their effects
  • Use a widening range of language features to create meaning and sustain interest
  • Develop ideas that show depth of thought and awareness of a range of viewpoints
  • Convey their personal voice

90-minute session + self-guide time

Please email to discuss your needs, specific exhibitions and artworks that could be used, and support resources we offer to assist you.

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