Term 4: Extra Ordinary Everyday, Whano Kē: Change and Constancy in Māori Art Today, Grand Designs

Learning Outcomes

Students will participate in a creative art-making process by:

  • describing differences in technique and ideas between selected paintings
  • experimenting with a variety of introduced painting techniques
  • using their painting experimentations as the basis for creating their own art piece
  • sharing interpretations of their own and others' art.

Explore historic and contemporary artworks in the Gallery. Hear about the cultural contexts they have come from, and consider differences you notice between the paintings.

In the studio, have fun experimenting with a variety of different painting techniques, inspired by the paintings explored in the Gallery. Then, use these as the basis for creating your own original work of art!

The programme is based in the studio and is four hours long with breaks.

Age groups: Years 1–8
Available Monday – Friday during term time
Maximum daily attendance: 30 students
Cost: Per student $8, teacher/adult helper free