Downloadable resources to facilitate independent learning in the Gallery, and extend learning in the classroom

These resources and activities can be used either in class as a pre or post visit activity or in the Gallery as part of a self-guided visit. Each document includes guidelines for teachers, learning and achievement objectives, and links to Assessment standards and the New Zealand curriculum.

Visual analysis word cards: including activities developed to encourage students to extend the language they use to describe, interpret, and compare artworks.

Artworks in Context: Using formal analysis to make connections between artworks and the time and place in which they are made.

In the Headlines: Comparing Artworks to political cartoons to investigate historical perspectives and use of visual language to communicate about issues, ideas and themes.

Tell the story: Comparing and contrasting the formal elements, ideas and themes of several artworks and creating a written response.

Personal Response: Analysing artworks to craft a considered and critical reflection.

Analysing Artwork: Researching and analysing how artworks are constructed to communicate meaning.

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Creative Writing resources

These resources were created by English teachers from around Auckland in partnership with Auckland Art Gallery and include ideas and activities for students of creative writing.

Thanks to Catherine Kelsey (Westlake Boys), Marc Laureano (Northcote College), Briar March (Auckland Girls Grammar), Joanna Pascoe (Epsom Girls Grammar), Freddie Simpson (Western Springs College), and Jenny White (Rosehill College).

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Gallery Games

These downloadable activities provide fun, shared learning activities for younger students to use in the Gallery.

Hunt for objects and architectural details with Art Gallery Bingo.

Make a postcard featuring your favourite artwork with the postcard activity.

Express yourself with our fun drawing activities.

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